Mechanobiology Lab

Welcome to Han Lab!

We study mechanobiology, particularly on how adherent cells can sense and respond to mechanical stiffness of the extracellular matrix. To investigate this, we have established experimental and computational frameworks for force measurement and adhesion dynamics quantification. We apply these frameworks, with cutting edge computer vision technique, on live-cell microscope images to find out fundamental mechanism underlying mechanosensation in the normal cells and the biomechanical signature in the diseased cells whose signaling has gone awry.


  • October 2021: Dr. Han attended BMES and chaired in a session called 'Cancer Systems Biology'. Mohanish also served in the MTU booth. Got inspired by many mechanobiology works.

  • September 2021: Nikhil's paper on the TFM protocol has been published in Current Protocols! Check this out.

  • September 2021: Mohanish's book chapter on micropillars and microcontact printing has been published in Methods in Vascular Tissue Engineering book edited by Feng and Tony.

  • July 6, 2021: Nikhil received an HRI graduate fellowship of $3000 for the Fall 2021 semester! Congrats! TechToday Coverage

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